Architect/Conservator Ian Bowman

Roading projects

Ian has completed several recent projects for the NZTA.

The longest running was the Inner City Bypass where he gave specialist advise on heritage buildings and structures affected by the Bypass between 1986 and 2007.

This work involved assessing heritage values of all buildings affected by the Bypass, preparing and giving evidence for several Council and Environment Court hearings, preparing measured drawings and complete photography of each affected heritage building, preparing heritage inventories of each building, designing and documenting conservation interventions for the buildings and carrying out inspections and writing reports during the works.

In 2003-4 Ian advised on the Otaki Te Horo Expressway in preparing assessments of potential heritage buildings affected by the Expressway, consulting relevant authorities and affected parties and writing an assessment of effects on the Expressway.

Ian carried out similar work in 2004-5 for the Western Corridor Study identifying potential heritage buildings and structures that may be affected by the proposed Corridor.

Ian is currently giving advice on the Transmission Gully, Tunnel Duplication and Wellington Basin Reserve projects.